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Top 10 Things You Remember In Your Relationship

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Top Ten Things You Should Remember In Your Relationship

A Relationship is a way where two soul mates connect each other. It depends on us how long we can maintain this and how? Here I am going to teach you how we can make strong relationship and some important things to remember while you are in relation with someone.

Three main Components of Strong Relationship:-

A)  Passion – It can be listed with physical or emotional stimulation.

Strong feeling or excitement for your partner, It may be sexual/anger or other.

B)  Intimacy – It is a feeling of closeness and attachment with partner. In this phase two individuals are tightly bonded in faith, love and feelings.

C)  Commitment – Awareness about your partner to make long decision. This decision is mainly determined by the level of satisfaction. Where you give a promise to your partner doing something or remain loyal in this relationship.

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Strong:-

1)  Complete your Promises whatever you give:-

This happens in every relation that you commit something to your partner and you forget that in time.  It’s a common thing which every relation faced and if we can improve it then some positive changes will see in relation. When you say you are going to do something, then do it, Never forget!! This will increase faith and relationship needs trust to grow.

Set Alarm/Reminder on your phone, calendar or Notebook if you have busy schedule.

2)  Accept your mistakes:-

This is the best way to win the trust of your partner. If you know you have done it mistakenly, then simply accept it. Don’t try to ignore or give justification. Keep humble yourself and apologize sincerely. Otherwise, your partner will lose faith on you and further start fighting, ignorance and the relation will be destroyed.

Promise them to don’t repeat the same again and will try to improve behaviour. Definitely your partner will have more love with you.

3)  Always Use Words “WE”

It is symbol of connecting each other that we are one. It’s scientifically proven that using the word “WE” will keep relation healthier, satisfied and more than happy.  Dr. Chansky explains that the word “we” is a game changer.

4)  Listen Carefully to your Partner

Being a good listener is show that you are paying good attention to your partner’s words. Always listen to your partner word carefully not blowing it off. It will resolve differences without arguing each other.

5)  Show Your Love in different ways

There are so many different ways to show your love. It would be more effecting that you know your love or you feel that. Give them little kisses, hugs and surprised gifts that will really show your feeling.

6)  Never hide anything with partner

By hiding things with your partner is signalling to make difference in relationship. Your partner is the best supporting point of you in case of any help, so try to share each and every point and you will get better ideas rather than others.

7)  Spend Time together/Do Outings

By sharing experience will help to grow the relationship. It can be done by outing, cooking, play games like tennis, Ludo, tombola or learn something new together. Spending some time together will help to know each other more and increase problem solving skills.

8)  Encourage Your Partner

Always encourages your partner in big and small ways whenever he/she has done something new like cooking, shopping, planning something new for you, home decoration etc... This will show how much you care about the relationship.

9)  Give Compliments or appreciation

Compliments are the best way to motivate someone. Give some good Compliments to your partner whenever you feel.

10)  Support Each Other

Always support each other in all situations. Whenever your partner is struggling with any problem, he/she needs your support to get rid out of it. Might be at some point you feel frustrated by their behavior and powerless to help, but you both have balance the things equally.


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