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How To Propose To Your Ladylove

It is a dream for every girl to get her perfect proposal. While some might seem cliché and old school but trust us, most girls want that. She might not directly tell you but she expects a lot when it comes to the big proposal. If you are planning a proposal, then make sure you are ready to put in some efforts and also spend a little money. You don’t want it to be boring or non-significant. If you want to surprise your ladylove with the best proposals, then here are some ideas…
1.       Candle light dinner – This is one of the old tricks from the books and it works. Call a fancy hotel and book an entire room or garden area for your special big date and make sure there are gorgeous flowers everywhere. Once she arrives, tell her some beautiful words and go down on one knee to pop the question. This is a no-fail idea, which will never disappoint any girl. Oh and don’t forget to play a song in the background that means a lot to both of you. 
2.       In the house – If you two are already living in together, then you have just the perfect place. Ask her friends to take her out for few hours while you clean up the house and decorate it with gorgeous flowers, balloons and much more. Cook something for her and wear something she thinks you look the best in. Keep the ring ready and once you both are done with dinner, slowly ask her the big question.
3.       At the beach – Do you both have a favourite beach? Well, if yes then you have just the right place to propose her by sending Propose Day SMS. Make sure you pick a time when the sun is about to set because that would be the most stunning and memorable moment. Sunsets are already termed as romantic and this would make your work really easy. Pick a part of the beach that is usually secluded. Get your common friends to stand with posters saying “Will You Marry Me?” This would be the most surprising and perfect way to propose to your girl at your favourite beach.
4.       In a garden – Do you know a beautiful garden that lights up in the night? Well, take your girl for dinner, shower her with flowers or cute gifts and go on a romantic walk to the garden. Arrange a bench for this big important work. Tie balloons all around the bench or put some lighting around so that it looks startling. Make your ladylove sit on the bench while you go down on your knees to propose. We assure you that she will never forget this moment.
5.       While on a picnic – Are you scared that you might mess up the proposal? Keep it simple by asking her the big question when you are out on a casual picnic. Simply put the ring in the wine glass or in a box as a gift.
Other than these things, make sure you always say something sweet before popping the question. 

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